Mikel Navarro highlighted the importance of territorial economic development in his closing speech at the Meeting of the 19th General Council of the Industrial Pact


Dr. Mikel Navarro, professor in Economics at the University of Deusto and Senior Researcher of Orkestra-Basque Institute for Competitiveness, talked about “Strategy, Industry and Local Development” in his closing speech at the 19th General Council of the Industrial Pact. Navarro pointed out that multi-level governance is key to territorial economic development.

In his speech, Navarro highlighted the importance of having a well-defined strategy for territorial economic development that “must not only be limited to a cluster development policy”. Navarro pointed out that territories are complex systems – that already imply governance problems- and the challenge they face is to create shared visions and to select a limited number of priorities. The professor used the Basque Country as an example, where despite the changes in government, there has been continuity in industrial policies. He also highlighted the need to include the whole society, including the financial system, in the process of defining territorial strategy.

Navarro also defended multi-level governance for economic development, which requires coordination between all the administrative levels. “Each territorial level should have its strategy”, but he emphasized that it is fundamental that they are in line with each other and coordinated from a vertical territorial viewpoint, just as Europe requests. The professor also pointed out that in recent years, management concepts have been incorporated into the territorial framework – competitiveness, strategy, etc – and he described the differences between business strategies and territorial ones.

Navarro wrapped up his final speech mentioning Orkestra-the Basque Institute for Competitiveness, the institution in which he carries out his research, created from the Deusto Foundation. Navarro stressed that the good functioning of the Institution is based on its independence and international connections, thanks to a team of professionals from several different countries. Orkestra analyses the territorial competitiveness of the Basque Country from an international perspective while answering to local challenges.

The Latest on the Industrial Pact

The meeting of the 19th General Council of the Industrial Pact, that took place on Wednesday 11 June in Cerdanyola del Vallès, at the Campus Hotel of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, was chaired by Sònia Recasens, the second Deputy Mayor of Barcelona city council and President of the General Council of the Industrial Pact. The Mayor of Cerdanyola del Vallès, Carme Carmona, was there to welcome those present.

Carles Ruiz, Mayor of Viladecans and President of the Executive Committee of the Industrial Pact, and Carles Rivera, Managing Coordinator of the Industrial Pact, gave an extensive briefing to the representatives of the entities that make up the Industrial Pact, on the latest from the Association. Among upcoming events to be taking place, is the presentation of the 10th Dossier for the Industrial Pact on the future of the construction industry in the RMB on Thursday 3 July.



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