39th Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pacte Industrial


On 2 April the Pacte Industrial de la Regió Metropolitana de Barcelona held the 39th meeting of its Executive Committee, which was attended by representatives of the local authorities and organisations that make up the association. The meeting took place at the Palauet de Can Buxeres and included an address from ESADE Professor Angel Saz-Carranza, who spoke about the study he was asked to carry out by the Pacte Industrial.

The study, which is in the process of being written up, is titled “Governing the Economic Internationalisation of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region” and aims to identify and characterise the network of actors that promote international trade and investment and attract talent to the region. The objective of the study is to analyse the coordination of these actors, explore the network they operate in and identify any gaps in the system. The resultant data will make it possible to detect weaknesses and suggest improvements. Professor Saz-Carranza informed the participants that the study was inspired by others that had been carried out in the cities of Los Angeles and Sao Paulo (see links).

Carles Ruiz, the Chair of the Executive Committee, went on to explain how – in accordance with the tradition of other dossiers produced by the Pacte Industrial – the new studies would also address their applicability throughout the region. “The aim is for these studies to help improve economic activity”, he pointed out. The Chair’s address was followed by Carles Rivera, the Managing Coordinator of the Pacte Industrial, who announced some of the titles that will make up the new collection.

Activity of the Working Committees

During the meeting, the respective chairs of the Working Committees reported on the activities they had carried out and those which are ongoing and planned for 2014. Juan José Casado, the Chair of the Mobility Committee, highlighted the preparation of Dossier 8 and the planned future study on the mobility of goods on industrial estates in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region. Rosa Fiol, the Chair of the Training Committee, made particular reference to the forthcoming presentation of the Pacte Industrial Dossier 9.

Toni Mora, speaking on behalf of the Economic Activity Committee, made reference to the ESADE study, while Jordi Roig, the Chair of the Innovation Committee, highlighted the ongoing preparation of the study entitled “A Map of Innovation in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region”. During the meeting, the participants were also informed of the closing of the annual accounts for 2013 and the proposed budget for 2014.


Progress of the study on “Promoting the Economic Internationalisation of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region” (in Catalan).

The Support Network for the Economic Internationalization of the Los Angeles Region (ESADE)

The support network for the economic internationalization of the Sao Paulo region (ESADE)

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