Cooperation for Internationalization and Metropolitan Competitiveness


The Pacte Industrial of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region presented on 11th December the document “The Support Network for the Economic Internationalisation of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region”, drawn up by ESADE Professor Angel Saz-Carranza, which becomes the 13th Pacte Industrial Dossier. The presentation was held at Can Marfà Gènere de punt (Mataró), within the context or the 20th General Council of the Industrial Pact and finished with a roundtable debate, involving not only the author of the document but also David Bote, Mayor of Mataró, Sònia Recasens, Deputy Delegate for Economic and Occupational Promotion of Barcelona Provincial Council and President of the General Council of the Industrial Pact; Carles Ruiz, President of the Executive Committee of the Industrial Pact and Mayor of Viladecans; Mateu Hernández, CEO of Barcelona Global, and Toni Mora, President of the Industrial Pact Economic Activity Committee and representative of CCOO.

The aim of this study is to identify and characterise the network of actors that promote and give their support to the internationalisation of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region (RMB)’s economy and analyse the links and relationships between them and make new proposals to improve its running. The study concludes that the Barcelona Metropolitan Region has created an interesting, appropriately segmented and professional support network for economic international expansion, but it must not stop there: While global competition gains momentum, the region must continue to improve on an institutional level to support the private and industrial sector through the internationalization process, in the same way that other significant worldwide metropolis do.

This study created by ESADE Business School is pioneer in that it classifies the different organizations providing services of internationalization to the Barcelona Metropolitan Region into five groups called subsystems, depending on their functions and main activities. These are, international marketing -including tourism promotion, promoting trade events and routes, management of the Barcelona brand, and event organization-, direct foreign investment promotion, and three subsystems related to export: promotion, training, and management.


Press release (in Catalan)

Pacte Industrial Dossier 13 (in Catalan)

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