Pacte Industrial publication on Electromobility in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region


The publication of Paper 7 by Pacte Industrial, The shift of the automotive industry towards electromobility: Impact and opportunities in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region, is part of the Sustainable Mobility Industry Forum, an initiative of Pacte Industrial to promote the transformation of industrial sectors that are so relevant to the country, such as the automotive, motorcycle, and railways industries towards a sustainable, decarbonised, digital, shared, connected, and autonomous model. The aim is to create meeting spaces between institutions and public and private agents that foster the relationships and actions required to transform the various sectors involved in the ecosystem of sustainable mobility, and which are able to face current and future challenges.

The document, which was written by Juan José Berbel (Metyis), analyses the latest trends in the automobile sector, the technologies used in car production, and good practices around the world to characterise the value chain of electromobility as a whole, and outline some of the lines of action for its effective development in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona. The document describes the process of change in the automotive sector driven by recent technological innovations, the need to promote sustainable mobility, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Electrification, vehicle digitisation, shared mobility, and autonomous driving, are some of the trends highlighted in the document. This publication had the support of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

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