Commercial Services and Attractiveness of the Industrial Parks in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region

Authors: Carlos Carrasco Farré, David Nogué Espinilla

Collection: Industrial Pact Working Papers

Cities have always acted as magnets, attracting innovation and creating wealth. Much of the economic activity they generate has been concentrated in industrial parks. However, these industrial areas have not always enjoyed a fluid dialogue with their urban counterparts. Consequently, this study explores the potential of the interaction between industrial areas and those of a commercial and/or urban nature. Given that the companies who occupy the industrial parks, as well as those companies’ employees, could benefit from an improved relationship with their commercial surroundings, we have created a number of different indicators in order to evaluate the current circumstances facing industrial parks in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region in this respect. The results demonstrate a number of different scenarios where there are opportunities for improvement, and other scenarios where the results are very positive. We hope that this detailed analysis will allow for improved economic, urban and social planning, which will be of benefit to both the public sector and private stakeholders.


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